CISO Chicago Summit | October 30, 2019 | Convene - 16 West Adams Street - Chicago, IL, USA



Digital Transformation: "Disruption from Within"

Think Tank - 10:05 am - 10:30 am

Companies need to position themselves to benefit from technological advances that have occurred during recent years. Opportunities exist for a digitally transformed company, but they require a collaborative approach between the business and IT leadership. The complexity of "disrupting from within" to create this transformation has been the downfall of many great companies as over 50% of the Fortune 500 have gone bankrupt, been acquired, or ceased to exist as a result of digital disruption per Harvard Business Review. 

  1. What are the four pillars of a digital transformation?
  2. Will your company be able to stay relevant and viable in the changing business environment?
  3. Who needs to be engaged in this process?

Presented by:

Ryan Collier, Chief Digital Officer, Risk Placement Services (Arthur J Gallagher & Co.)